A Creative LIFE...

Born in small town Maumee, Ohio, Talia spent the first part of her life in the Midwest. She studied art and education at the University of Toledo's Center for Visual Arts at the Toledo Art Museum campus. Desperate for more landscape, Talia moved out to Colorado a decade ago to pursue a Masters Degree in Art from Adams State University and has called Denver home ever since.  Talia currently resides and paints in the Berkeley neighborhood in northwest Denver and takes frequent trips to the mountains for artistic inspiration. 

Talia has been showing her work in galleries around Colorado for the past 10 years.  She recently expanded her represention out of state to Oklahoma City.  Talia's work is in private collections all over the United States and Canada.  

Talia's work explores the concept of memory and space.  She creates paintings that are based on spaces, moments, ideas, and memories in her life.  "A whole life of layered moments captured in specific places have created this unique story that we each have to tell. These memories of place connect our past with our present and help write our future stories.  My paintings are ultimately a visual journal of the spaces that have shaped my life experiences."  Simplicity is Talia's guiding philosophy when creating art.  By making visual imagery that is non-specific in detail but ubiquitous in content, Talia believes her illustrated memories captured on canvas often invoke a familiar sense of place that resonates with her viewers. "This emotional connection and personal attachment is what connects us to visual art... both the maker and the viewer.  Similar to how certain songs can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life, so too can visual imagery."  Talia's love of landscape and the environment is also very prevalent in her work. She explores the concept of preservation of natural spaces in her work.  She hopes to bring attention and awareness to the degradation of our precious and fragile environment through her artwork.